Nano Green Technology Inc. Demonstrate PRE Results Better Than SC1 Side By Side On Advanced 300mm/37nm Production Line Wafers.

Feb 7th 2009

Livermore, California February 7, 2009

Nano Green Technology (NGT)—a company that has revolutionized cleaning processes and solutions for the semiconductor, flat panel display (FPD), and data storage disk drive (DSDD) industries, has for the first time demonstrated proof of iMACS™ cleaning process PRE results better then SC1 - in a side-by-side comparison with advanced 300mm/37nm process in production line.

Over the past 3 months, NGT has conducted extensive testing and evaluation side by side at a major advanced 300mm Semiconductor Fabrication with worldwide operations. Evaluation conducted at its final clean line using production wafers. Results clearly demonstrate 100% PRE and in some cases PRE improvement over traditional SC1 - meaning – iMACS clean process was able to remove particles that are unable to remove by the SC1 process.

The breakthrough results have been validated repeatedly at the customer site – in production – by a joint team of customer and NGT engineers.

The cleaning tool and process used for this evaluation was a batch process. All production and test wafers were provided by the customer. Metrology was conducted by the customer, on site.

“The results were much better than expected. Not only did we avoid the introduction of additional particles, but we were able to remove between 2-7 particles in the process. This is a feat that even the 40 year SC1 old standard of perfection – was unable to accomplish. With the astonishing success of our results, NGT is well on its way to meet the challenges our industry is facing. However, we are not there yet, as there are further challenges ahead. Since each customer is different in terms of tool set (Batch process Vs. SWP), as well as process parameters, and device structure, it is NGT’s driving force now, to fine-tune and stabilize the process to perfection – Batch-To-Batch / Wafer-To-Wafer. This is exactly NGT’s team focus. Being able to achieve those results in such a short time is a remarkable accomplishment that could only be achieved through close collaboration with our customers’ teams,” said Jacob Mor, NGT’s President and Co-Founder.

See attached test results. Link(pdf): Test Results

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