Nano Green Technology Inc. integrates its first CCS-1000 Critical Cleaning System into the state-of-the art cleaning technology at 32 nm—and then to the next generation of 22 nm—at a major semiconductor device manufacturer in Asia.

May 3rd 2009

Nano Green Technology (NGT)—a company that has revolutionized cleaning processes and solutions for the semiconductor, flat panel display (FPD), and data storage disk drive (DSDD) industries, has been invited by one of the world’s largest semiconductor device manufacturer in Asia, to participate in an advanced next-generation cleaning process technology by integrating Nano Green Technology Inc.’s (NGT) CCS-1000 Critical Cleaning System into an R&D pilot production line utilizing iMACS™–-a GREEN–-chemical free—technology–-with the SC1 process.

This customer in Asia has one CCS-1000 system—fully qualified and accepted—already integrated into its production line. Given the demonstrated results achieved with the first installation that delivered 0 particles—repeatedly—and NGT’s recent demonstrated results at another site that also had 0 particles / 100% PRE at 37 nm line, this major Asian customer has invited NGT to participate in its most advanced next-generation cleaning process development target at 32 nm production—down to 22 nm and beyond—as technology is aggressively changing our methods and processes.

NGT’s CCS-1000 system will be integrated into this advanced process—to examine how the iMACS cleaning process impacts patterned wafers; this study will be conducted by the customer technology group with the following objectives:

  1. Dramatically reduce surface roughness / haze
  2. Particle Removal Efficiency with no silicon etching vs. SC1 chemistry
  3. Improved defect sensitivity due to a little or no haze
  4. Eliminate SC1 chemicals
  5. Reduce or eliminate the need for Megasonic energy during the SC1 process
  6. Reduce or eliminate the usage of deionized water during rinsing—after the SC 1 process

“Collaborating with this major customer as a strategic partner to create the most advanced technology—and be recognized for this achievement—is indeed a great privilege for NGT. We are very pleased to have achieved this major milestone—a very positive move in the right direction that could not be achieved without the phenomenal commitment of NGT’s team,” said Jacob Mor, NGT’s President and Co-Founder.

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