Nano Green Technology Inc. has been selected by SEMI – for the "Best of West Finalist" Award Recognition for its CCS-1000 Critical Cleaning System.

Jun 22nd 2009

Nano Green Technology (NGT)—a company that has revolutionized cleaning processes and solutions for the semiconductor, flat panel display (FPD), and data storage disk drive (DSDD) industries, has been selected by SEMI for the “BEST OF WEST AWARD” for its innovative technology and the advanced CCS-1000 Critical Cleaning System - utilizing iMACS™–-a GREEN–-chemical free—technology–-with the SC1 process. The selection of the finalist award recognition has been decided by a vote of a distinguished panel of judges from academia, industry and SEMI.

2009 “Best of West” Award Finalists Announced

Prestigious Panel Recognizes Important Industry Innovation at SEMICON West

“SAN JOSE, California – June 17, 2009 – SEMI today announced the finalists for the 2009 “Best of West” awards, recognizing important product and technology developments in the microelectronics industry. Conducted with SEMICON West, the largest and most influential microelectronics exposition in North America, the Best of West finalists have been selected based on their financial impact on the industry, engineering or scientific achievement and/or societal impact”.

Selection of Finalists

Finalists have been selected by vote from a distinguished panel of judges from academia, industry and SEMI. Finalists will receive recognition for their achievement through press releases, on the SEMICON West website, through online exhibitor directories, and special booth displays.

Best of West Award Selection Committee

Dr. William Chen
Senior Technical Advisor
ASE Group
Dr. Robert Doering
TI Senior Fellow, Technology and Manufacturing Group, Texas Instruments
Dr. Paolo Gargini
Intel fellow
Director, Technology Strategy
Dr. Bernard Meyerson
IBM Fellow, Vice President and Chief Technologist, Systems & Technology Group, IBM
Dr. Godfrey Mungal
Dean, School of Engineering, Santa Clara University
Mark Osborne
Editor in Chief, Semiconductor FabTech
Dr. Yoshio Nishi
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering; Director of Research, Center for Integrated Systems, Director, Stanford Nanofabrication Facility, Stanford University
Laura Peters
Editor-in-Chief, Semiconductor International
Dr. David Parent
Associate Professor, San Jose State University

“This prestigious award recognition presents further a clear testimony by the Semiconductor Industry of the fundamental problems we are facing in rapidly moving toward smaller geometrics of 22nm and beyond, new materials and in conjunction with the legacy SC1 challenges as defined below:

  • The Problem:
    • Damage to devices due to megasonic energy.
    • Damage to devices due to etching.
    • Ineffective removal of particles below 45nm.
  • The Solution:
    • No Megasonic required due to highly energized clusters (iMACS™).
    • No loss of topography because there is no reaction with native oxide.
    • No physical limitation in removable particles sizes 45nm and below.

We are delighted with this announcement and recognition by SEMI and the Semiconductor industry. The message is loud and clear - GREEN-RENEWABLE-CLEAN technology is the road map we must adopt in moving forward – there is simply no other way around it” said Jacob Mor, NGT’s President and Co-Founder.

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